Quartz pool finishes

Quartz creates a strong, nonporous, stain-resistant finish to your pool that is resistant to erosion caused by chemical imbalances in pool water.

  • Proven durability
  • Etch resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Lower maintenance
  • Lightly textured
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KrystalKrete Blue Quartz

KrystalKrete Super Blue

KrystalKrete Krystal Blue

KrystalKrete Blue Pepper

KrystalKrete Taho Blue

KrystalKrete Verde

KrystalKrete Midnight Blue

KrystalKrete French Grey

KrystalKrete Supreme

KrystalKrete Ivory

KrystalKrete Teal

KrystalKrete Aquamarine

KrystalKrete Beach

Pebble pool finishes

Inspired by the tiny stones seen in riverbeds, a pebble finish offers high durability that is nearly impervious to chipping, staining or fading.

  • Proven durability
  • Etch resistant
  • Rich Color
  • Variegated Aggregates
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Lightly Textured
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Sunstone Cove Blue Pearl

Sunstone Cove Blue Ice

Sunstone Aqua Ice

Sunstone Aqua Pearl

Sunstone St Lucia Ice

Sunstone St Lucia Pearl

Sunstone White Ice

Sunstone White Pearl

Sunstone Golden Pearl

Sunstone Blue Pearl

Sunstone Turquoise Ice

Sunstone Grey Harbor Ice

Sunstone Mesa Pearl

Sunstone Sage Ice

Sunstone Grey Reef Pearl

Sunstone Sage Pearl

Sunstone Black Pearl

Sunstone Black Ice


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